www.Bigy.com/Survey – Win $250 Gift Card

The American Supermarket chain brand Big Y offers a customer satisfaction feedback survey for its customers on their survey page www.bigy.com/Survey.

Bigy.com – Survey
www.Bigy.com/Survey - Win $250 Gift Card - Bigy Survey


The survey takers then get a direct chance to enter the Biggy sweepstake draw where participants stand a chance to win a sweepstake grand prize.

This article contains all the information one could need in order to take the Biggy customer satisfaction survey and also participate in the Biggy sweepstakes.

How to take the Bigy Survey

Bigy.com – Survey
To participate in the Bigy customer satisfaction survey, you must first have a receipt from a recent Bigy purchase. This receipt is required to participate in the Bigy Survey.

Then, go to www.bigy.com/Survey to complete the Bigy survey. After you have navigated to the survey website, you will need to click on the survey link to start taking it.

Then you will need to enter the information printed on your receipt before proceeding to the main survey questionnaire.You must here enter the 11 digit survey id printed on the receipt that you have in hand.

Then you will need to select the store location from the box given on that page.Once you have entered all this information,you will need to click on next.

When you click next, you’ll be taken to the main questions in the BigY survey. You will be asked primarily about your BigY experience. as well as things that could be improved or things that you enjoy that should be kept.

Answer these questions carefully and honestly to help BigY improve its service and your BigY experience.

After you’ve answered all of these questions, you’ll be prompted to provide additional personal information, such as your email address.

To be eligible for the sweepstakes, enter those carefully. As soon as you complete the survey, you will be entered into the sweepstakes. After the sweepstakes has ended.

You will be notified of any potential winners. These are the steps to taking the BigY customer satisfaction survey and entering the BigY sweepstakes draw.

Bigy.com – Survey
www.Bigy.com/Survey - Win $250 Gift Card - Bigy Survey

Rewards of the Bigy Sweepstake

Participants who complete the BigY customer feedback survey online will then be entered automatically into the Bigy sweepstake draw.

The lucky winners of the BigY sweepstake draw will get a $250 gift card prize that they can then use on their next purchases at the Bigy supermarkets in any location.

Bigy.com – Survey

Terms & Conditions of the Bigy Survey and Sweepstake

To begin, BigY survey participants must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in the survey or enter the sweepstakes.

To be eligible for this survey and sweepstakes, participants in the Bigy survey and sweepstakes must also be legal residents of.

The United States of America.To take the customer satisfaction survey, the participant must also have a recent BigY receipt. The sweepstake can only be entered once per receipt per sweepstake period.

The sweepstakes prizes are non-transferable and must be claimed in the manner prescribed by. BigY investors, employees, or advertising cannot participate in the BigY guest satisfaction survey.

They cannot also be relatives of BigY employees in these capacities, or their entries will be disqualified from the survey and sweepstakes. The sweepstake is not available in regions where it is prohibited to conduct one.

The taxes applied on the sweepstake prize must be paid by the winners and it is their responsibility to do sonnet of BigY’s.

These are some of the terms and conditions to be aware of before taking part in the BigY customer satisfaction survey and subsequent sweepstakes.

Bigy.com – Survey
www.Bigy.com/Survey - Win $250 Gift Card - Bigy Survey

Requirements of the Bigy Survey and Sweepstakes

Bigy.com – Survey
The age and location restrictions stated in the terms and conditions must be met by Big survey and sweepstakes respondents.

Respondents must have a receipt from a Big transaction from a recent visit to a Big Theater in order to participate in the survey.

The survey taker will need an electronic device such as a laptop, phone, or computer to access the survey. The electronic device also requires an active internet connection to function.

The survey taker must be able to communicate in the English language in order to complete the Bigy customer satisfaction survey. To enter the sweepstakes, participants in.

the Bigy Customer Satisfaction Survey and sweepstakes entrants must provide a valid email address.

These are the requirements for both the Bigy Customer Satisfaction Survey and the Bigy Sweepstakes.

Bigy.com – Survey

About Bigy Survey

Bigy is an American family owned Supermarket chain brand. The supermarket brand was founded in the year 1936 by Gerald Amour and Paul Amour in Chicopee located in Massachusetts.

Bigy supermarkets can now be found in almost 72 locations all across the United States of America, mostly in the Massachusetts and Connecticut area.


The Bigy customer satisfaction survey and sweepstakes are a way for Bigy to better understand and feel out their customers’ experiences at Big y

Sheathes while also maintaining their brand. There’s also the enticing sweepstakes prize, which serves as an additional incentive for customers to complete the survey.

Bigy.com – Survey
www.Bigy.com/Survey - Win $250 Gift Card - Bigy Survey

Bigy Survey FAQs

  • Is purchase necessary?

Answer – No.

  • Is the prize in cash?

Answer – No,it is a gift card.

  • What is the Bigy customer support number?

Answer – 1 800 828 2688.

Read More – www.Bigy.com/Survey

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